Would You Share an Apartment With Your Mind, if It Was Another Person?

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Would You Share an Apartment With Your Mind, if It Was Another Person?

‘We have met the enemy, and he is us’ Walt Kelly

When you want to improve your life and your businesses, you come up against a big determining factor within you. This factor determines your capacity for success or failure. That factor, is your mind. Often your mind is crammed full of unhelpful and debilitating thoughts and perceptions that hinder the change you yearn for. As Change-makers, we need to take the mind seriously, but it is not actually the deciding factor in what is truly possible. That position belongs to energy. When we re-configure the energy of and around us, the potential for change leaps to a high magnitude.

I want to illustrate the difference between working with the mind and working with the energy. I love using metaphors because the laws and patterns of energy often do not follow logic. Therefore, metaphors offer a great tool of translation. Imagine that you share an apartment with someone else, they could be a flat mate, a friend or a partner. Imagine that the other person has dominated your apartment for a long time. It is full of the things they like, it is decorated in the style they like and the colours are their favourite colours. They play their kind of music and leave their stuff lying around everywhere in your way, including half-eaten pizzas. Now, you don’t have the same style as they do, you like different colours, their music irritates you and you are always tripping up on their stuff and having to shift it. But whenever you try to talk to them about it, they just ignore you, distract your attention or shut the door in your face. When you try bringing your own things into the apartment space, guess what? They gather up your precious items and throw them away! They don’t want anything to change so they won’t let you change anything. This is a metaphor for how our minds react when we attempt to make changes in our lives. Just as that other person creates and maintains the apartment as they want it, so our minds lock us into certain behaviour routines, thought patterns and recurring emotional states. In fact, research done at Stanford University shows that out of the 60,000 thoughts the average human has per day, 90% are repetitive. That means most of the thoughts you had yesterday are the same as those you have today and will have tomorrow. That is like opening the door to your apartment and seeing the same rooms in the same state, every day. That is why most people struggle to create significant changes in their lives. From a neurological perspective, the synapses in the brain form entrenched pathways which get more pronounced each time we have the same thought or engage in the same behaviour or emotional state. Donald O. Hebb, the Father of Neuropsychology said that ‘neurons that fire together, wire together.’ So creating new pathways, takes effort. So, the following equation stands;


Change = Persistent Effort = Investing Huge Energy = Slow Increments


That is why you can spend ages going up against your unconscious, entrenched beliefs, perceptions and motivations before you can break through. Our minds do not like change, whether it is beneficial for the quality of our lives, or not. Change disrupts the mental status quo of protection against threat to our survival.

So how can using energy turn this situation on it’s head? Using my shared apartment metaphor, let me describe what happens when energy is applied to creating change. Imagine that when the other person in your apartment goes out, you suddenly find yourself with a magic wand in your hand. You now have the ability to point the wand at all their stuff lying around. Each time you point the wand at something, it goes ‘Poof’ and disappears. You rapidly clear the rooms of the other person’s stuff and you are left with the furniture and the walls. You decide to would like the walls a different colour. So you point the wand at the walls and ‘Poof’ the colour changes to what you want. You don’t like the way the furniture is arranged? Simple, you just point your wand at it and it moves around where you direct your wand. Soon you have the apartment looking and feeling exactly how you want it. You sit down with a relaxed smile. The other person returns, comes in and looks around astonished. They walk around looking for their stuff, staring at the new colour walls and try to sit down where the furniture used to be. But instead of starting an almighty argument, they just shrug their shoulders, sit down with you and accept the new arrangement. If we challenge the mind head on with the prospect of beneficial change, it has the opportunity to activate it’s threat mechanisms. Those mechanisms include denial, distraction, transference and avoidance. For a client it is hard work pushing through the resistance. But by using energy in a specifically responding strategy, it is the mind’s perception of the environment that changes. It sees things differently. This is how using the energy approach differs.

The mind has an incredible capacity to assimilate and rapidly adjust to change that has already taken place. Like the other person in the apartment who accepts the changes, the mind accepts the changes in perception that have been created without its logical participation. The system I use with clients is called Life Retuning and it employs energy. I take down the wall so that the path becomes visible. Then that difficult, stilted internal conversation you are having, about what you want to achieve, suddenly becomes an exiting exploration of possibility with bubbling ideas. I have watched it happen more times than I can number. The change in how you feel and the sudden freedom you experience, is extraordinary.


The Life Retuning equation goes like this…

Change = Re-Configured Energy = No Personal Effort = Fast Transformations


I am passionate about helping you to get freed up from your mind’s restrictions so that you can upgrade the quality of your life. I want to take down walls so that paths can become visible and accessible to be walked down. I want to free you up so that your internal guidance has the final say in what direction that walk will take.

If you are interested in knowing more, please contact me and let’s book a Discovery Call or go to my Shop and check out the fantastic life and business transforming programs you can book onto with me.

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