Why I Have Found The Term ‘Client’ Doesn’t Work Anymore


A few weeks ago I found myself at a business networking meeting in a big room full of attendees, the men wearing suits and the women, elegant dresses. As I was standing, holding a cup of coffee in one hand, I was approached by a smiling lady with a name badge and underneath her name was the name of a local firm of solicitors. We said hello, introduced ourselves and I asked her what she did within the firm of solicitors. She told me she did conveyancing and that she basically drew up the legal paperwork for her clients to be able to make property exchanges. Then it was my turn…

”so what do you do?”

I explained that I specialise in working with clients who are Entrepreneurs. That I unlock their potential within their energy fields and facilitate them to be able to make a positive impact in the world and take care of their bottom line at the same time. As I said the word ‘clients’, it sounded very hollow and one-dimensional. The question arose in my mind…how can I possibly equate what I do with people, with what this solicitor does? Did I really work with ‘clients’?

I went home and looked up the word ‘client’ and found these definitions:

The party for which professional services are rendered.

A customer or someone who receives services

One that is under the protection of another : dependent. 2 a : a person who engages the professional advice or services of another.

A person or organization using the services of a lawyer or other professional person or company: ‘insurance tailor-made to a client’s specific requirements’

Hmmm….nothing I do seemed to fit in with any of these definitions. It all sounded far to 3 dimensional to me! What term could fit the healer whom I had freed up from feeling homesick for another planet she had inhabited in a past life? Or the Financial Director who had a permanently ‘stubbed toe’ which turned out to be his resentment over a failed relationship 20 years ago? Or the author who had Mystical Depression and her feet felt like they were on fire all her life, from being burned at the stake in one of her past lives? Or the very successful business woman who couldn’t get on with setting up her Limited Company because every time she sat down to do the work her mind equated it with the homework she used to hate doing at 12 years old?

There was another thing troubling me with this term ‘client’. A client gains something for services rendered. How that affects the one who is rendering the service or let alone the rest of the world in not taken into consideration at all.

Wise Ones have been telling us for centuries that we are all one. That nothing happens in isolation and that what we think and do affects all others. Modern day Quantum Physics tells us everything is made of energy. Energy connects all and that our thoughts and feelings carry a vibrational frequency that can affect another, even remotely. The term for this is Quantum Entanglement. So what was I really doing with the people I give sessions to? What was taking place during all of those hours? Did a more appropriate term than ‘client’ exist?

The force that runs my life is synchronicity. So I fully expected the answer to my question to show up in one form or another. Sure enough, the next day the information came to me. I greatly admire the HeartMath Institute’s work and research into the energy of the heart. The research being conducted by their top scientists has revealed that our hearts are not simple organs that pump our blood. They are not even just where we feel love. They are much, much more incredible and fascinating than that. Our hearts are the generators of energy frequencies that affect the entire planet. Love is not just a feeling, it is a global life force. Distressing emotions and negative thinking disrupt that frequency. When we doubt our value, when we don’t love ourselves, when we block our creativity and expression, the frequency drops and creates fear, hatred, distrust and loneliness. So a low frequency heart energy is not just detrimental for us, but also for everyone we meet and for the planet in general. However, when we take care of the quality of our hearts, we can create miracles of healing, transformation and opportunities for growth. So one heart alight with the love frequency is like a candle flame; it ignites countless others hearts too. Hearts create a global harmony state. But our hearts needs to be in a coherent and balanced state emotionally and mentally in order for this to happen. Coherency is like a shoal of fish, all in tune with each other and responding at the same time. We too are happiest when we are coherent with each other. The morning after the networking event, I saw a post on Facebook from the HeartMath Institute which reminded me of the power of the heart.

I suddenly knew the answer to my question. Is there a more appropriate term for the people I work with? The answer is yes.

I don’t have clients, I work with co-creators. I facilitate unlocking and opening the doors which give them access to their own heart. I take away distressing emotions like fear, hatred, distrust and loneliness and I change their negative beliefs to positive perceptions. As we work together we create a coherent heart state in them which then adds another consciousness to balance, stabilise and raise the vibrations on our planet. Then they have the positive impact on the world that they yearn for, just by being. What they actually do as Entrepreneurs is amplifying that energy.

So I am the Igniter of the Flame and the service I provide is Co-Creation of Global Harmony. Oh dear…

When I go to the next business networking event, I have no idea how my new description is going to go down with the suited and elegant dressed business people. One thing I know for sure, no one will be able to confuse me with a solicitor!

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