Why 0 is the Most Powerful Number

People have had trouble with the number 0 for thousands of years. Apparently, many Theologians had a horror of even contemplating that ‘nothing’ could exist. I am fascinated by the fact that the shape of 0 was originally used by the Indians to denote the indentation left when a pebble used for counting was removed from the sand. 0 has been seen as the absence of something, the void. Many cultures never used it at all and that begs a question as to how they saw life, for the absence of something certainly exists and cannot be ignored.

For many centuries, the void has been seen as a dead ground where literally 0 happens. The origin of the word Zero or Sifr comes from the Arabs and it evolved to mean 0 when it was used to translate śūnya (Sanskrit: शून्य) from India. It is translated as ‘empty’

Every other number denotes that something has taken place 123456789. As opposed to that, 0 is meant to mean ‘nothing’ and yet we pile it on after other numbers to quickly indicate 100, 1000, 1000000. I never could understand that!

Then last century, 0 suddenly revealed the secret it has been hiding during all of those eons. It turned out that far from being nothing, Zero contains the most powerful energy in the entire Universe. The ground state of all being, the potential of everything. The Quantum Physicist Werner Heisenberg discovered that far from being empty, the ‘void’ is in fact a seething mass of endless and continuous energy interactions on the subatomic level. Nothing ever stays still. Energy exists in fields which no known form of physics can eliminate. So 0 turns out to be an illusion! Nothing that has ever been created can be destroyed. Perhaps the civilisations who ignored 0 were right after all. We may not see something anymore, but energetically it still exists. It is not just Theologians that had a problem with 0, suddenly the Scientists also had a problem. Their problem was different, 0 didn’t fit nicely with their equations. They reasoned that because these ceaseless energy exchanges were constant, they didn’t change anything at all; they didn’t count. 0 was to be ignored.  They called this ‘renormalisation’.


Drawing by Ildiko SpinFisher


The trouble with 0

Scientists discovered that even at temperatures of absolute zero, when all matter has been removed and nothing is left to make any motion, there was still movement going on between subatomic particles and because they exist in fields of energy, they called this mysterious space the Zero Point Field. the exchange of energy between those particles taken in total across the Universe contains more energy than all the matter in the world.

I always like to apply concepts, especially scientific ones to living beings, because I think that if you can’t use it in your day to day life, then it is just fascinating mental wallpaper. So I looked at what 0 means for us humans.

I work with energy frequencies and so I have a special way of seeing things. My work is to free people up from being stuck in their lives and feeling emotional, mental or physical pain. I get to meet anxiety, fear, anger in their energetic forms every day. Negative emotions like anger carry a low level frequency and are heavy and exhausting. We need to understand energy to understand why this is. Energy exists in waves, each wave has a peak and a trough. A wave of energy has certain characteristics that we can measure. It has a wavelength, which is the measurement between one peak and one trough. It has a frequency, which is how many times a peak or trough repeat during a 1 second. The other measurable characteristic is the amplitude; this is the height of each peak and trough. It indicates the intensity of the energy. The more tightly banded the peaks and troughs are, the higher the frequency and the more powerful the energy. Conversely, the looser the bands, the lower the frequency and the less powerful the energy. Frequency is measured in Hertz; 1 hertz = 1 wave/second. So if anger is a low frequency wave, it takes up a lot of our energy when we are feeling it. That’s why we feel depleted and heavy afterwards. If anger vibrates at 150 Hz and joy vibrates at 540 Hz we can see why joy is a light feeling which doesn’t drain out energy reserves. That is also why our emotions are associated with certain colours, because the light frequency matches the emotional frequency. So red is a low, slow wave and so is the frequency of anger. Violet is a fast, tight wave and so is faith and awe, associated with spirituality.


How I Interpret the 0 State

For me the o Point State equals the least expenditure of energy. It is the state of Inner Balance, a balance between absence and presence. The pause between the inhale and the exhale. The moment where we can harness the incredible creative force residing within us. When we no longer react with automatic emotions or programmed thoughts or beliefs. But instead feel calm, centred, balanced and we can choose how to respond with full and free intention. We see the truth of the situation presented to us, without being influenced by our coloured and warped perceptions. When we have chosen and we put our unbounded intention into what we want to manifest, that is where the Universe responds with ease. This form of intention is then like a laser beam, when it is sent out it has no blocks or disturbances. The power driving this kind of intention is very strong and effective.

My work is about returning you back to your 0

That is why for me, 0 is the most powerful number of all

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