What Are You Transmitting?


I know you have heard it all before, that we get back what we give out and what we give out should be good vibes. There are so many articles, blogs, podcasts, workshops, webinars about the same message that you probably are drowning in all that information. The problem with too much information, is that we tend to switch off. This means that we get numbed out to important messages. Nevertheless, knowing all of this, I am going to attempt to get through and pass this really important message to you because it IS so very important!

So why is it so important to take care of what you are giving out? You see, it all comes down to the Physics of energy. In particular, the branch called Quantum Physics. Even before we go anywhere near looking at what this message means for us humans, we need to get to grips with the Physics.

Albert Einstein famously said
‘everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. There is no matter.’

But how does that translate into tangible reality? It means that every single ‘thing’ is made up of waves of energy even if it looks solid. The stars, the mountains and seas, the chair you are sat on, your house, your pet, other people and you are all energy. Energy abides by particular laws and they are not the same laws that your logical mind recognises.

These are the Laws of Energy:

  • Energy cannot be created or destroyed. The energy that makes up the universe now is the same energy which was created in the Big Bang. This is known as the First Law of Thermodynamics.

  •  Energy exists in many forms; thermal, radiant, mechanical, gravitational potential, electrical, sonic, chemical, nuclear, atomic, kinetic and magnetic.

  •  Energy is transforming from one form to another all the time. It may undergo many transformations before it can power the light bulb in your home.

  •  Energy exists in waveform and it has a vibration, a specific frequency and amplitude.


  • Energy carries information in the form of wave-memory. Waves store information and have a way of transmitting it which bypasses our notions of space and time. These energetic communications are instantaneous.


So if you are also energy, then all of these laws apply to you as well. So let’s look at what this means for you as a human:

  • Energetically you are billions of years old!

  •  You are linked energetically to everyone and everything in your environment. You do not live in isolation, your behaviour affects everything.

  •  You are able to change your internal state and what you transmit by changing the form your energy takes.

  •  Your thoughts, emotions and physical body are all made of energy and therefore all have a specific vibration.

  •  The impact and imprint of everything you have experienced remains as energetic information within your system. 

Suddenly it becomes evident that we have to look at ourselves and our environment outside of logical reasoning. Society has ignored the energetic facts for too long and we have paid the price. Now that I have set the scene, I want to share something with you that will change your perceptions.

What’s Your Pitch?



Whatever emotional state you are in can be decreased or increased by who you are around. If you are feeling low or negative, another person can cause you to feel worse without even speaking to you.

There is a phenomenon which can be experienced with tuning forks. If you have two tuning forks which are the same pitch next to each other and you sound one of them, the other will start vibrating all by itself. This is called Sympethetic Resonance. It doesn’t just happen to sound, it happens to emotions too. Because like a musical tone, emotions carry a vibration of their own. Specific emotions have a specific wavelength so if you are vibrating with anger, another person who is also vibrating with anger can increase your levels. This is how we can get an escalation of violence as we witness in many tragic situations. However, if you let go of negative emotions and broadcast positive feelings, others will increase theirs levels too.

‘Once you have changed your energy, you will be amazed at how people treat you. You will become magnetically attractive and popular. Imagine how that can boost the frequency of joy in your business and your life.’ Ildiko

Energetic Enhancers and Detractors

So how can you use this information to help you to have good vibes?

I suggest that you grab a notebook and make 2 columns…
What Raises My Energy/What Lowers My Energy

  • Spend a week noticing your energy levels and write down everything you experience wherever it fits into either of the two columns.

  • Once you have made your list, aim to increase the Energy Enhancers and decrease as many of the Energy Detractors as you possibly can.

Remember, you are not only helping yourself to feel better, happier and more optimistic, you are also helping everyone else to do so as well. What a great service. Thank you in advance! 🙂

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