We all make mistakes but what if you suddenly had the ability to avoid them? What if you had the key to consistently making great choices? Choices about who to date, what jobs to take, how to stay healthy and how to get the life you want. What if there was a hidden organising structure that you could use to keep you from getting swept off course in the often bewildering currents of life?

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The Energy Aware Audiobook Experience gives you the option of enjoying the audiobook environment on a special webpage or listening offline. Giving you the convenience of listening on the move and fitting in with your lifestyle.

My book Energy Aware introduces you to a revolutionary new way of living. It reveals a hidden domain which is the vibrational database of all life and will stop you making costly mistakes. Costly in time, money and life energy.

The 24 Principles of Energy Aware lies at the core of this radical new approach. They offer daily touchstones which are the key to forming deeper relationships, attaining higher levels of contentment and being able to accomplish the extraordinary.

This is not a book about how to use your mind to improve your life. Instead this book introduces you to the vast ocean of vibrational information that goes beyond logic.

The natural world has been using it successfully for billions of years, now it’s your turn…

How you can go deeper with the 24 Energy Principles in Energy Aware

The next step to reading Energy Aware is to book yourself an exclusive Energy Aware Power Hour with me. Let us work with what your Biofield is ready to release so that you can step into harmony and gain a clarity that will aid you to align your life and live it the way you want.

This special session includes:

  • Vortices of Light Realignment

  • Life Retuning – my exclusive and powerful energy psychology system.

  • Bright Choices Deep Dive to identify and reverse the blocking beliefs that are keeping you from making life-affirming choices.

Start your Autumn season off the right way. If you have a fear of spiders, get your fear dealt with now so that you can enjoy the next few months without being scared to sit down or go into your bathroom. Book yourself onto my No More Fear of Spiders Program today.

The program consists of 2 Life Retuning sessions a week apart. In the first session I will work to neutralise all aspects of your fear about spiders, no matter how long you have been scared of them. Then in your second session, we will make sure that the treatment is solidified.

Design your life

the way you want it to be

Unlike New Year Resolutions, a Life Plan is for LIFE

Put the Jigsaw Pieces Together to Have a Life of Satisfaction

Are you fed up of setting New Year Resolutions which you fail to keep, year after year? They are tough to keep because it is easy to get bogged down with the routines of your life. When you are focusing on fitting everything in to a busy life, you do not have time to build a solid foundation in order to bring in the changes you want and so they just don’t happen. The Design Your Life Plan Package is about setting the solid foundations that you need without having to put in the effort. Instead of trying to change things on the outside, Life Retuning changes you on the inside. When you change on the inside, you set things in motion to unfold your life in the way you want it to be. You simply won’t accept anything less.

Design Your Life Plan Package – Full

There are 4 Key Foundations to the Life Plan. They need to be working in harmonious alignment. When this happen, the foundations that you build, will serve you throughout the rest of your life.

Body Plan

Heart Plan

Mind Plan

Soul Plan

A special discount if you buy and book all 4 Plans together.

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Body Plan Package

Are you honouring your body? Do you feed it well and give it enough exercise? Do you rest it and listen to its needs? You body is your vehicle of life and it can become over-stressed if you are not honouring it. Your body enables you to live and so you need to keep it healthy and happy. The Body Plan is designed to use Life Retuning to help you to uncover, eliminate and transform the stuck thinking and self-defeating habits which are stopping you from being vibrantly healthy.

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Heart Plan Package

It is likely that you are not able to truly listen to your heart, because you have been taught that you can only have a successful life by following your mind. The problem is that your mind only has one job, that is to maintain your physical survival. The quality of your life is not its responsibility. There is a constant battle going on between your heart and your mind which gives you no peace. With Life Retuning we will set a solid foundation for your Heart Plan. You will start hearing your Heart Voice and be able to align yourself to your heart’s wisdom. Your Heart Voice can unlock a stream of information which bypasses the doubts and fears your mind creates. That can then bring in an unimaginable stream of love, joy and awe about your wonderful life.

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Soul Plan Package

Whether you are aware of it or not, your have chosen a particular soul path for yourself. If you are not on track, you are likely to become frustrated, bored or disillusioned. Have the choices you have made in your life led you to feel fulfilled, or trapped and disappointed? When you do not pay attention to what is going on inside of you, you are in danger of taking a turning which does not align with your soul path. This can lead to stagnation and apathy. Using Life Retuning, we will work to  bring you back on track and set you feet on your path to a healthy, life-affirming and fulfilling journey. When you are walking you soul path, you begin to make the best choices for yourself, every day. By making the best choices, you will be living your best and highest potential and with that comes a deep sense of meaning, peace, love and joy.

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Business Booster Zone

No matter what life throws at you,

be able to bounce back and thrive

On Track  +  On Form  +  On Purpose

Running a business on a daily basis is a full-time responsibility and like anything you feel responsible for, it can be very stressful. Constant worries can grind you down leaving you overwhelmed, helpless and lacking energy. Are you finding that it is difficult to stay positive and pro-active? Well don’t worry, because help is on the way.

How would you like to be regularly relieved of the pressure?

By working with me consistently, you will find that no matter what life throws at you and your business, you will be able to bounce back and thrive. As your Business Empowerment Facilitator, I will give you the regular support you need to quickly release worry, frustration and the negative thinking that stressful situations cause. You will be able to feel positive and energised again. When you are on track, abundance flows.

Using the powerful system of effective techniques of Life Retuning, I will help you to transform challenging situations into creative opportunities.

Keep Your Business Healthy and Wealthy Monthly Package

Keep Your Business Healthy and Wealthy Package – Option 2

and you cannot help but get that reality.

This is not Philosophy, it is Physics.'


'Match the frequency of the reality you want

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