Ignite Your Vibe Starter…Go Deeper


The Ignite Your Vibe Starter is a powerful accelerant mini program for raising your consciousness. You will get to work with 2 of the most successful specialists who are bringing in the new paradigm of living. Ildiko SpinFisher is the Founder of Life Retuning and known as the Quantum Wizard through her work in the Human Energy Field. She specialises in working with heart-lead Entrepreneurs. She creates huge shifts in the quality of life and business for her clients. Julie Saillant is a Transformational Intuitive Coach & Animal Communicator who helps people reconnect to their hearts.  In her wonderful work, she also brings in the positive attributes of your spirit animal to help you step into your soul’s purpose here on earth.

What you get:

One personalised 60 minute Life Retuning Energy Session with Ildiko

Ildiko will align your chakras and create flow through them. Then she will remove any current negative emotions by working with your Energy Field. She will bring you back into a state of harmony and calm.

1 personalised 60 minutes Heart Connection Session with Julie


Go Deeper…

We work with you on a deeper level. Get access to the Powerful …. Meditation to open your heart chakra and bring enlightenment in.

In addition….the video….tba



Go Deeper…

The Ignite Your Vibe Starter Go Deeper… is the Be Woke Podcast’s special offer for you to get to work with your Co-Hosts of the show; Ildiko SpinFisher and Julie Saillant. We want you to be able to put our discussions about upgrading your consciousness into action.


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