Empowered Green GeniUs Program


This is a 3 month program which is delivered in 6 fortnightly Life Retuning sessions.

Each session is 1 hour long and will be working with your Human Energy Field to create significant shifts in your quality of life and ability to become a successful business owner. Life Retuning offer fast, effective beneficial changes that in the majority of cases, you can feel straight away. This gives you the confidence that rapid progress is happening to you. During the sessions, we will work on eliminating any anxieties, traumas, self-doubt, frustrations, disillusionment and limiting behaviour and thinking you are suffering from at the moment. We will work on raising your levels of self-confidence, satisfaction, fulfillment, peacefulness and life quality. Life is business and business is life. They are indivisable and so my approach is to help you to enjoy both more. That is the meaning of true success.



For Ecopreneurs who have a product or service that will benefit the planet.


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