ECOVision into ECOAction

Do you have a product or service to help the planet

but are stuck turning it into a successful enterprise?

Turn your

Life Retuning is the fast and effective solution...

Do you care deeply about the environment and improving living beings life on this planet?

Do you have a great idea for a product or a service that can solve real sustainability challenges like pollution?

Do you hunger to turn your idea into a sustainable business that means you are earning ethically and taking care of your bottom line?


There is a new type of Entrepreneur emerging in the world. The Ecopreneur. Does this describe you? For you money is not the dominant driving force. What drives you instead is a deep and burning passion to make this world a better place for your family, your community and the Earth. Your heart weeps when you see the destruction of the environment that we are witnessing. You feel the frustration, rage, helplessness and sorrow. You are frustrated and feel stuck, because you have a product or service you know can have positive impact, but something is holding you back from getting it out there and you don’t know what the block is.

I know you are on a mission and I want to get you there

Are you tired of being the world’s best kept secret? Are you ready to stop being frustrated and instead be motivated and activated?

The world desperately needs what you have to offer…

Ask yourself…

What would it be like to wake up and know that the idea that’s been sitting in your head for so long, has become real? That the 1st phonecall of your day is someone wanting your service and the reason you can supply them, is because you have a sustainable business which offers the very thing you are so passionate about now. To know that you are making the environment a healthier place for us to live in.

What would it be like to feel a sense of satisfaction, fullfilled purpose and grounded action?

Green GeniUs Program

Eco + Visionary + Community

The program which will enable you to

turn your vision into a successful enterprise

What are some of the big benefits you will have when you enrol onto my special Empowering Your Green GeniUs Program?

Become the successful Entrepreneur, taking care of your bottom line and turning your environmetally friendly product or service into a real solution to help reduce pollution, create sustainability and help the planet.

  • Make faster and more confident decisions as your mental clarity becomes stronger.

  • Feel a rise in your confidence so that so you are able to take on any challenges and respond to opportunities that will benefit your business.

  • Feel better about yourself by letting go of the negative impact of past memories that are restricting your ability to feel good about yourself now.

  • Cultivate richer and deeper relationships in your business as you feel more content, relaxed and consciously present with others.

  • Change the limiting beliefs that are stopping you from moving forward, to seeing your opportunities as totally and effortlessly achievable.

What do you get when you enrol on the Empowering Your Green GeniUs Program?

This is a 3 month program. Each session is 1 hour long and will be working with your Human Energy Field to create significant shifts in your quality of life and ability to become a successful business owner. The groundbreaking and revolutionary modality of Life Retuning offer fast, effective beneficial changes that in the majority of cases, you can feel straight away. This gives you the confidence that rapid progress is happening to you. During the sessions, we will work on:

  • Eliminating any anxieties, traumas, self-doubt, frustrations, disillusionment and limiting behaviour and thinking you are suffering from at the moment.

  • Raising your levels of self-confidence, satisfaction, fulfillment, peacefulness and life quality.

Life is business and business is life. They are indivisable and so my approach is to help you to enjoy both more. To feel that you are making a real difference. That is the meaning of true success.

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