No matter what life throws at you,

be able to bounce back and thrive

On Track  +  On Form  +  On Purpose

Running a business on a daily basis is a full-time responsibility and like anything you feel responsible for, it can be very stressful. Constant worries can grind you down leaving you overwhelmed, helpless and lacking energy. Are you finding that it is difficult to stay positive and pro-active? Well don’t worry, because help is on the way.

How would you like to be regularly relieved of the pressure?

By working with me consistently, you will find that no matter what life throws at you and your business, you will be able to bounce back and thrive. As your Business Empowerment Facilitator, I will give you the regular support you need to quickly release worry, frustration and the negative thinking that stressful situations cause. You will be able to feel positive and energised again. When you are on track, abundance flows.

Using the powerful system of effective techniques of Life Retuning, I will help you to transform challenging situations into creative opportunities.

Benefits of the package

In The Keeping Your Business Healthy and Wealthy Monthly Maintenance Package, I will make sure you stay on form, on track and on purpose consistently in your business. Look forward to:

  • Feeling confident in always making the best decisions you can to move your business forward into growth and success.
  • Maintaining a strong and calm state helping you to overcome any challenges affecting your livelihood.
  • Breaking the cycle of worry and frustration so that you can have a longterm stress-free and positive outlook.
  • Upgrading your levels of effectualness, allowing you to get regular great results.

Becoming aligned to your purpose and feeling the universe bringing you the abundance, opportunities and the resources you need to create the life you desire.

Option 1  

3 months minimum enrollment time

  • 1 hour Business Cleanse and Empower Session
    Become de-stressed and regain a positive mental attitude. Go back to your business refreshed and revitalised. Get the support you need to re-focus on you goals and tasks. Release any extra stress or negativity from your week.
  • Between Session E-mail Check-In
    Access to extra support and the opportunity to discuss questions or issues that arise between sessions.
  • Emergency Gold Card Session
    Monthly 15 minute take as you need session for when you feel overwhelmed and require assistance as soon as possible.

Option 2  

3 months minimum enrollment time

The difference is that you have:

  • 30 minute Stay on Track Call in between Cleanse and Empower Sessions
    Get the support you need to re-focus on you goals and tasks.
  • Customised monthly assignment to progress your goals




Option 1: Payment in full: $350/month

Option 2: Payment in full: $400/month

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