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A great free resource for you, the Playbook is a beautifully illustrated thought provoking guide with tips and considerations to help you to find resilience in uncertain times. The world has changed and the end of this extraordinary year is rapidly approaching. We have stepped into the new era and and we need new ways of living. The New Year…New Era…New You Playbook shows you how you can live and thrive no matter what happens now. Turn the digital pages and discover the Body Plan, Heart Plan and Soul Plan, radical ways to go beyond New Year Resolutions and anchor your life no matter what life throws at you.

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Put the Jigsaw Pieces Together to Have a Life of Satisfaction

Are you fed up of setting New Year Resolutions which you fail to keep, year after year? They are tough to keep because it is easy to get bogged down with the routines of your life. When you are focusing on fitting everything in to a busy life, you do not have time to build a solid foundation in order to bring in the changes you want and so they just don’t happen. The Design Your Life Plan Package is about setting the solid foundations that you need without having to put in the effort. Instead of trying to change things on the outside, Life Retuning changes you on the inside. When you change on the inside, you set things in motion to unfold your life in the way you want it to be. You simply won’t accept anything less.


As an individual you have a path that you chose to experience in this life. It is not about other people, it is about you. The most important relationship to get right is the one you have with yourself. The quality of the energy you give out will have a direct effect on others and therefore how they interact with you. The better the relationship you have with yourself, the better life-affirming choices you can make. The better choices you make, the happier and more fulfilled you life will be.

The most important relationship you have is with yourself

Unlike New Year Resolutions, a Life Plan is for LIFE

There are 3 Key Foundations to the Life Plan. They need to be working in harmonious alignment. When this happen, the foundations that you build, will serve you throughout the rest of your life.

Body Plan

Are you honouring your body? Do you feed it well and give it enough exercise? Do you rest it and listen to its needs? You body is your vehicle of life and it can become over-stressed if you are not honouring it. Your body enables you to live and so you need to keep it healthy and happy. If it all feels like an uphill struggle, it is time to deal with the deep levels of self-sabotage which are keeping you from reaching the goals you have for your body. 

  • How much attention do you pay to reducing stress?

  • Do you make New Year Resolutions about food choices and exercise which you fail to keep?

  • Do you get tension headaches, low energy or low moods?

With Life Retuning, we will uncover, eliminate and transform the stuck thinking and self-defeating habits which are stopping you from being vibrantly healthy.

Heart Plan

It is likely that you are not able to truly listen to your heart, because you have been taught that you can only have a successful life by following your mind. The problem is that your mind only has one job, that is to maintain your physical survival. The quality of your life is not its responsibility. There is a constant battle going on between your heart and your mind which gives you no peace. Your mind’s endless chatter often blocks your ability to know what you want and how you are going to achieve it. You need to switch the mind chatter off in order to hear your Heart Voice. Your heart knows that within love lies your contentment, peace, joy and fulfilment.

  • Are you giving and receiving love every day?

  • Are you doing what makes you happy, or what makes others happy?

  • Are you choosing ways of living because others live that way?

With Life Retuning we will set a solid foundation for your Heart Plan. You will start hearing your Heart Voice and be able to align yourself to your heart’s wisdom. Your Heart Voice can unlock a stream of information which bypasses the doubts and fears your mind creates. That can then bring in an unimaginable stream of love, joy and awe about your wonderful life.

Soul Plan

Whether you are aware of it or not, your have chosen a particular soul path for yourself. If you are not on track, you are likely to become frustrated, bored or disillusioned. Have the choices you have made in your life led you to feel fulfilled, or trapped and disappointed? You are attracting the experiences you need, into your life, even if it does not make logical sense to you. If you see a pattern of dissatisfaction showing up, then that is what you are attracting in. It takes being really honest with yourself to start shifting that pattern to align with your soul path. 

  • What sets your soul on fire?

  • Is your life filled with meaning?

  • What % of contentment do you feel about your life?

When you do not pay attention to what is going on inside of you, you are in danger of taking a turning which does not align with your soul path. This can lead to stagnation and apathy. Using Life Retuning, we will work to  bring you back on track and set you feet on your path to a healthy, life-affirming and fulfilling journey. When you are walking you soul path, you begin to make the best choices for yourself, every day. By making the best choices, you will be living your best and highest potential and with that comes a deep sense of meaning, peace, love and joy.

Design Your Life Plan Package – Full

A 6 session program which includes

2 Body Plan sessions

2 Heart Plan sessions

2 Soul Plan sessions

With the powerful and effective method of Life Retuning, we will clear old patterns that no longer serve you and establish new ones to upgrade the quality of your life.

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Body Plan Package

2 sessions

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Heart Plan Package

2 sessions

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Soul Plan Package

2 sessions

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