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All my life I have believed that it is important to make progress towards a goal every day. So I have always made sure that however little, I have actively achieved something by the time I go to sleep.

This belief has carried me through dark times and times when it has seemed as if nothing positive is happening. I called this ‘Little Doors to Salvation’. Many tiny steps add up to great progress in the long run.

This belief aided me to come out of a really bad time which enabled me to develop a powerful and effective system to help others out of similar emotional pain and mental confusion. This system is now known internationally as Life Retuning, a personal empowerment system which offers a real solution out of blocks, to address the self-sabotaging behaviour and dissatisfaction.

I have gone from an ordinary life to an extraordinary way of living, during my journey I have discovered the secrets of how to find a state of peace and bliss, recover from upsetting experiences and how to manifest my needs, wants and desires easily and rapidly. I am blessed to be the keeper of this wisdom which has been gained over many years of self-discovery.

My passion is to use this mastery to help others to lead the great life they were always meant to have. To live as big a life as possible.

You can see the proof of the success of my passion in the many testimonials from my clients which you will find on my site. Life Retuning has become a highly evolved system which unlocks the doors to recovery and personal empowerment on so many levels.

Thank you for visiting my site. I truly wish that you find the answer to your situation amongst the Life Retuning pages.

  • Thank you for sharing you’re cosmic knowledge and love, you have graced me with the blessing of inner peace and realignment to my higher self. You have educated me about energy, thoughts and the universe as a whole – for that I am highly appreciative as such knowledge and light as allowed me to share this with others. Your work is phenomenal and effective in every session of re-tuning. I truly admire the quantum wizardry you have mastered.

    L. Neugebauer Perth, Australia
  • Working with Ildiko is a delight and a privilege as she shares with you her understanding of ENERGY which is indeed wizardly magical!

    Brooke Robertson USA
  • Working with Ildiko Scurr has been a trinity of mental, spiritual, and emotional rebirth and growth. Her wings are of true strength. But most importantly she will show you that your wings are strong and will support you on your own flight, journey, adventure.

    Sydney Kendall Ohio, USA
  • You were able to bring up painful issues that I had carried forward from a past life and give healing and release to this energy and much more.

    Janet Lawson
  • Ildiko is a leader in her field and it is so nice to meet someone who is clearly passionate in what she does.

    Julie-Ann Harris Partner of Family Law UK
  • All my life I believed, that it is important to make progress towards a goal every day. I have always made sure that I have actively achieved something by the time I go to sleep. However little that something is.

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