I am the Author of Energy Aware and the Founder of Life Retuning. I’m known as The Quantum Wizard because of the work that I am able to do. I have been on a journey which started at 24 years old, when I had a breakdown. My life shattered and I spent the next 8 years trying to rebuild it. Those years were the foundation of a complete deconstruction of everything I thought was true about myself and how things work. They also provided me with the means to rebuild myself as the person I knew I wanted to be. In essence, I discovered that personal energy is the key to everything.

I have built a global private practice which I have been running since 2004. I specialise in working with business owners and entrepreneurs, getting them out of overwhelm, anxiety and stress, so that they can build a thriving and successful life. I run Masterclasses in energy awareness. I give talks, webinars and I write for social media including time spent as an editor and journalist of a global online magazine. I have been interviewed many times and featured in several publications about my work. I also recently started a podcast called Tribal Voices – ‘sharing life-enhancing knowledge from the ancestral wisdom keepers.

During my search, I became qualified in many modalities, including Clinical & Holistic Aromatherapy, Indian Champissage, Reiki level 1 & 2, NLP, Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching, Energy Psychology, SCENAR, Reflexology Massage and Anatomy & Physiology. I also became fascinated with Quantum Physics and started researching it. Whilst learning about Einstein’s work, I suddenly had a massive Eureka moment; I saw clearly the underlying structure of energy which affects and moulds every thought we have and everything we do.

I developed a system called Life Retuning which synthesises Quantum Physics and the best of Metaphysics and Psychology. With Life Retuning I was able to rapidly bring people out of years of emotional pain and reverse dead-end thinking. The consistent results I was getting were incredible.

Life Retuning is unlike any other system because it does not rely on either logical analysis or intuition. It allows the Biofield to reveal what energetic data needs to be altered in order for the mind to change the perception of a current problem. Once that happens, it is possible to undo even the most self-defeating thoughts and behaviours no matter how long they have existed.

Go to my Energy Aware page and purchase your copy of my ground-breaking book from my website, or if you love listening, get the Energy Aware Audiobook Experience. Or book a free Life Retuning consultation and let’s co-create your best life, together.



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