Gain the Resilience You Need to Thrive During the Covid 19 Crisis

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As business owners, we find ourselves in unprecedented times during this Coronavirus pandemic. Everyday there is more and more terrifying news and the future is uncertain for self-employed people like ourselves. We have never had to cope with lockdown, the terror of a plague sweeping the world and the difficulty of not being able to run our businesses in the old way. When I say the old way, I mean 2 months ago! Everything has been turned upside down and what we thought we could rely on, has vanished. These are very stressful times. We do not like the unknown. We do not know if we will get ill, lose loved ones. One thing is for sure, the world will never be the same again after we come out of this crisis. But there is something that we can be in control of, and that is maintaining our mental and emotional wellbeing. In fact, it is vital that we do, because long term stress and anxiety can be devastating. I know this because I used to suffer with Adrenal Fatigue and panic attacks myself and have helped my clients over many anxiety conditions and the trauma that often is the underlying root cause.

As time goes on, how will you cope with this crisis? The Mental Health Foundation is so concerned that it is already monitoring our psychological wellbeing. According to Dr Antonis Kousoulis, the Mental Health Foundation’s Research Director,


“The mental health impact of the pandemic is going to last longer than the physical health impact”


You might already be over-stressed without even realising it. The thing is that as business owners, we are so used to sailing close to the wind. We know about ‘feast to famine’ we work tirelessly to make sure that our businesses are consistently making money, serving clients and fulfilling our future plans. We are damn good at coping. So you might just be soldiering on without taking care of yourself. You might be brushing aside your anxiety, fear, frustration and concerns.


This is not the time to brush stress under the carpet and hope that it will just disappear eventually


Right now, according to the Mental Health Foundation, the most worrisome issues are:

  • Getting into debt
  • Job insecurity
  • How to run home life with family members not used to being together all the time or having to self-isolate
  • Fears about contracting the virus or having loved ones infected

But as a business owner, there are other less obvious triggers for anxiety and more concerning still, the slippery slope into depression. When suddenly you can’t work, can’t support employees or your family the way you have done, it can be very demoralising. Are you already anxious about not being able to fulfil commitments? The fact is that none of us know when this self-isolation will come to an end and until then, we have to take care of ourselves and not drown in the enormity of this pandemic. . Our mental health is at risk because we have never faced anything like this before. But I am an Expert in crisis resilience, overcoming trauma, disaster and emergencies because I have worked with these situations every day since 2004 when I officially set up my Life Retuning practice. This is what I do. I helped myself to recover from my own adrenal fatigue and I help business owners recover from the most devastating experiences. I help entrepreneurs cope with tragedy and crisis so that they can keep on running their business successfully no matter what. If you are feeling like you are drowning in the enormity of the Covid 19 pandemic or scared about how you are going to cope, I can help you through it. My system is called Life Retuning and it is uniquely equipped to help you to deal with fear, anxiety, uncertainty and stress.


Why Life Retuning Has What it Takes to Help You Through the Coronavirus Crisis


How would you like to not only be coping with the Coronavirus crisis, but have the enthusiasm and energy to be thriving through it?

Life Retuning offers some powerful advantages which makes it easily accessible and highly effective for supporting your mental and psychological wellbeing right now. I want to tell you why that is. Life Retuning harnesses a very different system to most other modalities. I know because I have tried out a long list of them for my own issues in the past. Most treatments use the mind in one way or another. Even if it is just talking about a problem and bringing all of the thoughts around it to your conscious awareness. That can be upsetting, expecially with an indeterminate crisis like now. In contrast, Life Retuning harnesses data held as vibrational frequencies in your HEF – Human Energy Field. Every moment of your life and what you experience, is recorded as energy waves and is therefore accessible to facilitate a rapid change in how you are feeling. If you doubt what I am saying, just research Quantum Mechanics for yourself, all of the Life Retuning techniques are based on the Laws of Energy and science has reams of evidence to support how energy carries information. What this means is that it is not necessary to talk about your fears, anxieties and concerns for you to get to feel calm and in control. Life Retuning uses the encoded data of your energy system to alter how you deal with fear and stress, increasing your resilience potential. This is vital right now because when you are overwhelmed with your emotions, you are unable to process information. This is because there is a biological switch-off to logic when you are scared, which prepares you to either fight or flee. That could affect the decisions you need to take to get you through these tough times. Life Retuning provides you with what you need in a fast, effective and easy way.

Another advantage to Life Retuning is that I conduct appointments via Zoom. I have been using this method for several years globally with my clients. Right now, it means that you can get the help you need from me without having to wait several months and in the comfort of your own home during the self-isolation period.


“One red flag will be signs that mild stress and anxiety, which can help by encouraging people to adhere to public health advice, are developing into chronic conditions that can become serious mental health problems.”


If you are struggling with overwhelm, please don’t just ignore it, let me give you the mental and psychological support now that will make the difference to how well you deal with the Coronavirus pandemic. Working with me may be the vital step you take which determines your current and future wellbeing.

How I can work with you:

Drop Your Anxiety Rescue Session


A power 1 hour session to eliminate your fears and anxieties about the Coronavirus. Life Retuning is the fast and effective way to gain peace, calm and a boost to your immunity.

The session is delivered via Zoom online appointments.

Book via the link below:







Getting You Through the Covid 19 Crisis Survival Program


This is a 3 month program of 30 minute sessions once per week to give you the mental and psychological support now that will make the difference to how well you deal with the Coronavirus pandemic. Working with me will help you over anxiety, fear and concerns that you cannot do anything about. This program is designed to boost your resilience and keep you out of the vicious cycle of lowered self-esteem, depression and apathy. A healthy mind and emotional state also helps to boost your overall immunity against illness.

The program is delivered via Zoom online appointments.

Book via the link below:





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