We all make mistakes but what if you suddenly had the ability to avoid them? What if you had the key to consistently making great choices? Choices about who to date, what jobs to take, how to stay healthy and how to get the life you want. What if there was a hidden organising structure that you could use to keep you from getting swept off course in the often bewildering currents of life? Energy Aware introduces you to a revolutionary new way of living. It reveals a hidden domain which is the vibrational database of all life. The natural world has been using it successfully for billions of years, now it’s your turn…


The 24 Energy Principles lie at the core of this radical approach. Covering three sections; Personal Energy, Relationship Energy and Global Energy, they give you a groundbreaking advantage. They stop you from making the mistakes that keep you from having deeper relationships, reaching high levels of happiness and being able to do extraordinary things with your life. Practical, revolutionary and visionary, Energy Aware will take you into the unseen vibrational realm that is your bioenergetic birthright.

The natural world has been successfully using this world beyond logic for billions of years…

Now it’s your turn…

If you want to stop recreating Disappointing Outcome Cycles in your life, my book takes you through the common pitfalls we fall into and how to avoid them. You’ll find out why Bright Choices are the way to make empowered decisions that will open you up to the vibrational flow of universal energy. Use the Energy Aware Process Quick Reference Table to read any situation and successfully navigate your life.

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Order your copy of Energy Aware and have the extra bonus of being able to listen to me reading it for you. Giving you the convenience of listening on the move and fitting in with your lifestyle. All you have to do is order your copy on Amazon, take a screenshot of your order and email me with it. I will then send you the link to the audiobook experience.


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My Background

I am a Biofield Psychologist a Master of Energy and the Founder of Life Retuning. My journey started at 24 years old, when I had a breakdown. My life shattered and I spent the next 8 years trying to rebuild it. Those years were the foundation of a complete deconstruction of everything I thought was true about myself and how things work. They also provided me with the means to rebuild myself as the person I knew I wanted to be.

During my breakdown, I became fascinated with Quantum Physics and started researching it.  I saw clearly the underlying structure of energy which affects and moulds every thought we have and everything we do. In essence, I discovered that becoming Energy Aware is the key to everything. This book is the culmination of what I have learned.

I have a global private practice which I have been running since 2004. I specialise in working with business owners and entrepreneurs. I train professionals in Life Retuning and run Masterclasses about energy. I give talks, webinars and I write for social media including time spent as an editor and journalist of a global online magazine.

How you can go further and deeper with Energy Aware

Book yourself an exclusive Energy Aware Power Hour with me. Let us work with what your Biofield is ready to release so that you can step into harmony and gain a clarity that will aid you to align your life and live it the way you want.

I am delighted to share the recording of the Book Launch Party for Energy Aware – Live a Life of No Mistakes. This book is the culmination of 12 months of an amazing journey. I share some of that journey during the event. Listen to some eye-opening stories as I also share some mini interviews with people who are already living a life of being Energy Aware and what that means for them. Soon you will know what they know too when you get your own copy of the book…


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