Energy Aware Celebrates Being 1 with a Book Birthday

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It was the 1 year Book-a-versary of Energy Aware on 20th May. I have Nancy Mueller to thank for the description, I’d not come across it before. I can hardly believe that a whole year has gone by! I was so delighted when I pre-sold the first 100 copies before the printed books even arrived by post. I was taught well by the brilliant Michael Heppell on how to build my Energy Aware tribe of readers and your support made all the difference. it was a thrilling time last year to be addressing yellow padded envelopes, signing copies and then taking boxfuls of packages to the post office. I was so excited about you all receiving your copies and reading what is written on the pages of Energy Aware.


One year on and it was time to celebrate Energy Aware’s Birthday. The Energy Aware Book Birthday Coffee Morning took place at the Cliff House Hotel in Southbourne, Dorset and it was a hybrid event. Guests were in the room at the hotel and also attended via Zoom. It was so lovely to see you all. A great contingency of my fellow BNI members; thank you so much for being there at the hotel. And on Zoom, predominantly my wonderful, talented dear friends from the Write That Book Author community. This was the first in-person event I have organised since January 2020. It felt like a reconnection to something that was a very important part of my life. I have run so many events, workshops, presentations and courses that it has felt weird over the last 2 years to not be able to do so. So it was special for me in several ways, including the knowledge that the book I wrote has changed people’s lives. We heard from Jennifer Flint, Clare Green and Nancy Mueller how Energy Aware has been transformational for them in their personal journeys. Thank you for your frank and real testimonials. It swelled my heart to hear them and I know that others also were moved by what you had to share. Here is the video of the hybrid part of the Book Birthday Coffee Morning:



Clare’s testimonial:

Reading Energy Aware by Ildiko has transformed my life completely. I bought the book initially, just so I understood what Ildiko did and why she did it. I am a curious person, with an open mind and like to be able to relate to people when I talk to them. I also was suffering at the time with overwhelm and was having trouble sleeping. I didn’t know then how significant this decision would be to my life. Using Ildiko’s techniques from the book, I have looked deep into my past, and my then present life. My life has transformed, trusting my intuition and my heart. Using energy in my life has changed everything for me. My happiness has taken over and I love waking up every day and cannot wait to see what lays ahead. Manifesting what I want, when I want it. Life does not now happen to me. I happen to it. Thank you Ildiko. ?


The event was also supporting the local charity Mind My Art, and also a member of BNI, which encourages people to use creativity as a self-therapeutic tool to express how they feel or would like to feel. A donation of £4 from each book that I sold during the event went to supporting their very worthwhile work in our community. Charity Manager Nathalie Leterrier, talked to us about their work and if you would like to find out more, please go to the link:


…and of course, there was cake! The Cliff House Hotel laid on some yummy slices to go with our teas and coffees.


Some highlights from the event, photos courtesy of Natalie Leterrier

I made a special ANNOUNCEMENT of how you will now be able to go further and deeper with bringing the of Energy Aware into your life. To find out what I have planned, click on the link…


Thank you to all of you who came to celebrate with me, eat Birthday cake and support me and Energy Aware. xx

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