How With One Word You Can Change The World


The year has turned again to the time when nature is preparing to go into hibernation. It has lived in glorious, abundant vibrancy. It has given its all to make hay while the sun shone during the long days of summer in the Western hemisphere. This is a great time for us as humans also to take some time and review what we have achieved during this year. Many have found it a real struggle to keep their heads above the water. Many have suffered loss, deprivation, disaster and terrible grief. Many have lost their faith, their direction and their hope. When we are faced with tough situations, where our security is challenged it is only natural to feel insecure and worried about the future.

So how do we end this year in a way that ushers in more of what we want to see in the world and in our own lives? How do we turn around feelings of despondency and fear?

The answer is to change our focus from the material world, to the energetic realm. Everything is ultimately made of waves of energy. It is easy to forget this and feel that things are finite, destined; a forgone conclusion. But the reality is that when we shift the lens, we see that energy is fluid, ever changing and infinite. Matter is made of energy and therefore this holds true for the whole of our material world.

So the question is, how can we harness the incredible potential of this fluidity? There is a wonderful opportunity, and it is here, right now…it is called gratitude.

I want to take you to a country and the work of a man who showed just what a powerful force gratitude really is. His name was Dr. Masaru Emoto and the country is Japan. He was a Doctor of Alternative Medicine, a researcher, author and entrepreneur who was in search of the power of the energy of our thoughts and the evidence of what they create. I am honoured to have attended a lecture by the great man.

Dr. Emoto knew about micro clusters and he studied the structure of water, most especially the crystals of frozen water. Please note at this point that your body is made up of over 80% of water. He took flasks of water and experimented with directing different qualities of thoughts at them. He then froze the water and studied the structure of the water crystals which formed. What he discovered was astonishing.

In one of the experiments, Dr. Emoto directed the thoughts ‘thank you’ at a flask of water and when he looked at the water crystals, he saw a something similar to the top right image.

Beautiful, symmetrical structures giving a feeling of balance and growth.

Then he directed the thought ‘you are stupid’ at another flask of water and when he looked at the water crystals that had formed, he saw something similar to the top left image:

A destroyed and devastated mess with no definition and no symmetry. What a difference one single thought makes!

So the power of gratitude is real. Consciousness has measurable effects on the structure of water crystals. The more you feel gratitude, the more the water in your body transforms into a healthy, coherent life-giving force. Your words hold both inner and outer power in the world.

Your Inner Power

Your inner power comes from the words that you speak to yourself in your mind. The pictures of the water crystals tell the story of what you are creating within you. If you bathe your cells in negative commentary about yourself, others and the world; your system will reflect it internally as unhappiness, dissatisfaction and possibly even physical conditions. If you focus on using words of positive power about everything that you experience, your whole body transforms on the cellular level and you benefit in profound ways.

Your Outer Power

Your outer power comes from the fact that energy has a vibrational frequency and each thought that you have will be broadcast like radio waves into the world. The saying ‘what goes around comes around’ is ancient wisdom. The frequency of thoughts you send out is the same frequency of what you attract in. You will get what you expect.

So no matter where you are in the world, let us use the energy of gratitude to unlock the real power of intention

The Gratitude Space

Take a quiet moment now, as you are reading my article and either bring to mind or write down:

A list of your achievements this year, what skills you have developed, who you have helped and give thanks to yourself.

Who has helped you, inspired you, challenged you, broadened your horizons this year, and give thanks.

Who this year has shown you unconditional love, respect, understanding, given you time, shown you your value, and give thanks.

What opportunities for growth you have attracted this year and give thanks.

Then take the energy of all of that gratitude and feel it swell your heart with a warm, loving energy. Breathe that energy in and feel your cells being bathed in it. Then focus that wonderful energy and with a thought, send it out into the world. Like the ripples of a pebble dropped into water, your thought will beneficially influence everything and everyone, everywhere and return to you in unexpected and delightful ways.

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