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How Personal Energy Affects Business – Part 1

Several years ago, a young woman was working in an office. She went in as usual every day. The work was alright, but she noticed that the atmosphere was not great, it was always tense. People kept themselves to themselves. Nobody reached out to chat. It meant that the quality of life at work was not enjoyable. She became used to it. That was just the way things were. It was accepted and not questioned by anybody.

One day, when she came into the office, she noticed that something was different. A group of people were chatting in an animated way around the coffee machine. During the day, colleagues came out from behind their computers and communicated with their co-workers. Somehow the atmosphere had a lighter quality to it; something like a mental sigh of relief permeated the place. She even heard the sound of laughter for the first time since she had been there. She went home that night feeling better than ever before. She slept better. Next day, the same thing happened. For a whole two weeks her experience at work was great. She made some new friends with co-workers who had started chatting with her and everything seemed so much easier. Secretly, she had been looking for another job, but it didn’t seem so urgent now. Then one day she went into the office and her throat tightened. She felt it immediately. The tension was back. Nobody was talking and the mood was subdued. As she sat at her desk, all day long she kept on wondering what had changed. She went home that night and carried on pondering the question. She didn’t sleep well…

Next day as she entered the building, the same feeling of tension caught her up and when she entered the office it was clear that everyone felt it too. She was perplexed. No one had left, no one had joined. The boss seemed the same. There had been no bad news given to the company. As she thought about it further, she realised that there was only one factor that had changed and coincided with the timing. One co-worker had been off on holiday for those two weeks and had come back the day before. That was when the mood changed. She was negative, constantly complained and made everything difficult for others. The young woman realised that the co-worker’s mere presence was enough to completely affect the mood of the building. Her colleague was broadcasting unhappiness.

The young woman was called Sigil Barsade and she went on to base her career on what she had observed. She became a Professor at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. She called her discovery Emotional Contagion.

Because I work with energy, this makes perfect sense. Emotions are not just due to brain chemistry and hormonal response, they have vibrational frequencies. We are all constantly broadcasting the truth of how we feel. Just as dogs sense our fear, other people consciously and unconsciously, react to our true feelings, however much we try to hide them.


The stark fact is, how successful you are with other people, is determined by what you are transmitting. So from an energetic point of view I want to shed light on what happens when we interact with another person’s energy field.


The human energy field is an invisible sea of constantly vibrating wave frequencies which inform our thoughts, emotions and actions all of the time. A healthy human energy field extends at least 4 metres out from the physical body. This is our Energy Anatomy. So what do those waves of energy contain? They are a recording of every single moment that you exist. Amongst other things, your emotional, mental and physical state are encoded. Your energy field is consciously awake and responsive to your environment. When you enter a room, you take your energy field and all that it contains, with you, so if you tell people you are happy and you are not, their energy field will know the truth even if their mind persuades them otherwise. We have been taught that the mind is king and so it is easy to be convinced by it and override our deep energetic knowing. The majority of people ignore this resource and instead allow logic and limited assumptions to rule their choices. This can lead to making significant mistakes.

Furthermore, when someone else is carrying an emotion that you hold as well, your state will be influenced either positively or negatively by them. This is why we talk about an electrifying presence. It can be almost impossible to stay unaffected, as energetically you have little idea how dramatically you are responding. You get triggered by your unresolved emotional states and disempowering thought patterns and beliefs, often on the unconscious level. So this is why a whole building can be affected by one person’s negative thoughts and feelings.

Life Retuning works on disabling those emotional and mental triggers that hold us captive to the moods and behaviour of others. By understanding the energetic interactions, this method pinpoints and zeros in on exactly what needs to be changed. The result?

  • You don’t have to be a shrinking violet anymore around dominant colleagues.

  • If someone you are having a meeting with has the need to provoke you, you are able to just ignore it and stay confident.

  • You can stay in your morning good mood when others around you are moody.

  • You can override those who want to squash your great idea and do it anyway.

These are just a few examples of how working with the human energy field can free you up to express your authentic self.

I want to help Entrepreneurs who are ready to take the next huge leap into the evolution of self-development. If you feel Life Retuning resonates with you, message me and let’s set up a Discovery Call and plan the launch into your exceptional future…


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