12 Days of Gifting Yourself at Christmas

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Why Now is the Time for Self-Gifting

I don’t need to say how tough the last two years have been for us all, you know that. But for many, that toughness started well before 2020. The last two years have served to bring to the fore those issues that we could sweep under the carpet until recently. Those restrictive times when we had to face ourselves in our own homes, or be forced to deal with the relationships that had been limping along for years. The fact is that anxiety, depression, disillusionment, anger, loneliness have become rife in our lives since 2020. But it wasn’t the pandemic which started them, those seeds were planted within us long ago. The question is, why did we allow ourselves to become burdened with them in the first place? It is now of utmost importance to change the way we respond to ourselves and what we allow into our lives. One of the things the last two years has shown us in glaringly obvious terms, is just how dysfunctional the society we live in has become.

We are surrounded by the beauty of nature and yet we have created devastation and domination for personal gain. This is unhealthy not just for our beleaguered environment, but also for our own souls. When you create a nourished and thriving internal garden, you will crave a nourished and thriving external world. How nourished is your own internal garden right now? So it is time to change the internal and external conversation. It is time to start the habit of Self-Gifting, and Christmas is exactly the right time to make that start. Here are some ideas and questions to get you started…

Where are your personal boundaries set in terms of how much you allow other people to encroach on your time?

How much of your own personal energy do you give away to others through fear, obligation or misplaced guilt? 

How often do you celebrate yourself for just being you?

How much time do you give yourself to do the things that are important to you?

What makes your heart sing?

What makes you feel on top of the world and like a little awestruck child again?

How much emotional baggage are your carrying from the past?

How often do you proactively spend time forgiving yourself and others?

What percentage of your thoughts are focused on things that you can’t change?

Do you consider your home to be external or internal?

How often do you say no to unacceptable behaviour towards you?

How well do you breathe in the gift of healthy air?

Do you nourish yourself with good, healthy, natural food, or do you rush your mealtimes with artificial junk which contains modified muck and chemicals?

How much good sleep time do you give yourself?

How quickly do you sort out problems that are affecting your life?

How do you see yourself? What is the story of YOU and do you think others would be inspired or feel sorry for you if you told it?

Are you living in the state of a victim, or a victor?

Let me get you started this Christmas on a new journey. The journey of your own Self-Gifting. Let 2022 be the year when you fill your own cup with happiness, wellbeing and resilience, because you are loving and appreciating the wonderful person that you are. 

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