Professional Life Retuning Course


Do you hunger to learn how to improve your life?

Do you want to help your family and your clients in the best possible way you can?

Do you have a deep desire to know the answer to changing fear, anxiety and other distressing emotions into love, peace and harmony?

Are you looking for a course which will answer your needs and be a fun and exciting way to learn?

The Professional Life Retuning Course will provide you with those answers and so much more. A proven system of empowerment and release from the unhappiness and unfulfillment so many suffer from throughout life.

Based on the laws of Quantum Physics, I have designed the Professional Life Retuning course to teach you about our personal energy field and how it can be used to transform upsetting emotions, a negative self-view and even physical symptoms into contentment and joy, mental clarity and a greater state of well-being.

Many healing therapies rely on working with the mind to achieve results, however, Life Retuning teaches you a very different way of approaching problems. We are each part of a vast, endless sea of energy and the answers to the reasons for our problems lie there as energetic information. Once you master this hidden database, you will open up to resources other therapies just do not have access to. This will give you results others therapies cannot achieve following the old systems of the mind.

By attending and completing the Professional Life Retuning Course, you will be a pioneer in the use of new revolutionary tools. Life Retuning results speak for themselves and people are astonished at how easily a problem they have been battling for years, just melts away sometimes in a few minutes. What we think is so very difficult to change can take very little to transform if you know what to do.

In a supportive group of other students, you will learn the tools and techniques of Life Retuning over 8 days. You will have the opportunity to practice the techniques and share in discussions with the group and learn in a relaxed yet professional setting. On the last day of the course you will have the opportunity to work with volunteer clients who need real help from you.

Please visit the Life Retuning Academy for more information on the course and to download an application form.

Become Qualified To Teach Life Retuning

Trainer Trail Blazer Course – Level 1

If you have completed the Professional Life Retuning Course then I know that you are already aware of the huge changes taking place in the state of consciousness on our planet. I also know you understand the vital need to step up and play our part in bringing in the new energies and healing modalities. I am passionate about reaching as many people as possible with Life Retuning to give them the opportunity to free themselves up from suffering.

But I cannot do it all by myself!

That is where you come in. I have been teaching Life Retuning for a few years now through residential and online courses. If you have trained with me, you will have witnessed amazing healing experiences with those you have worked with. You will understand the urgency of my big vision for helping to heal our planet. It is time to open up this incredible modality to the world much further. That is why for the first time, you will now be able to train others in these powerful, life-changing techniques.

For the first time, you will be trained, supported and guided by me to become one of my select team of Trainers. I am so excited to be able to welcome you on board.

When you train with me you have the opportunity of joining and belonging to a rapidly growing organisation of like-minded people. You will have access to all the support you need to be able to build a successful and thriving Life Retuning practice wherever you live on the planet. I aim to train a global team of truly caring and professional Trainers who are competent and confident in their Life Retuning skills. If this resonates with you then I would be honoured to welcome you on board.

You need at least 6 months of evidence of practising as a qualified Life Retuning Practitioner in order to qualify for the Trainer Trail Blazer Course.

Please visit the Life Retuning Academy for more information on the course and to download an application form.


‘Ildiko has been a wonderful teacher, guiding us gently and firmly down the rabbit hole and out again. I am not the same person I was. For anyone thinking of learning Life Retuning, I would say do it, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.’

Ann Noble – Owner of Inspiration For Change

‘I encourage everyone interested to attend this training. I came looking for new healing and treatment tools to learn and I learned them on the Life Retuning Course. New fast, effective tools.’

Dr. A. Firdaus – Trainer – Saudi Arabia

‘I recommend this course as many people will benefit from taking it and will help the people around them. I think this knowledge should go all over the world.’

Dr. F. Alshieri – Surgeon – Saudi Arabia

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‘My courses are not just about learning techniques, they are also a place to find healing and solutions for your own issues’ ~ Ildiko