Your Personal Infinity Stones Ebook




Because art really can imitate life, we’ve created this eBook to show you how that art (the infinity stones; (soul, mind, power, space, reality and time) can be found in our universe, and in real life.  This eBook contains crystals that you can use to work with your own individual energy field. In this eBook we’ve put together a set of crystals that will help you to feel less jaded and better equipped to deal with the Arrival Fallacy. These are your own, real life, infinity stones.  You can keep them with you, meditate with them or place them on your chakras to unlock their effects. In addition to the crystal set, we’ve also matched each crystal with an essential oil that can elevate your mood to deepen your crystal experience to help you step out of feeling jaded.  With synergizing and boosting essential oils, so you can use your crystals and oils together to help enhance their healing effects and use them to enhance each of the same realms of existence that the infinity stones govern!


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