Life Retuning

Energy Ball‘We need new tools of transformation to work synergetically with the recent new changes in our conscious awareness on this planet. We must realise that we are all interconnected through energy. Life Retuning honours these new changes and provides a real solution for us to be able to let go of the redundant old ways of living and suffering. It is time to upgrade the quality of our lives.’


‘This is a must share !!! I feel a true life line which people are looking for. WOW I have experienced many therapies, healing techniques, which have been positive in helping with belief systems. BUT Life- Retuning is powerful and deals with limiting beliefs and so, so much more.’

Dawn Cummings

‘For about the last ten years I had an addition: Sugar. Not anymore. And while we usually think of miracles happening on Christmas, this one didn’t. This is my Thanksgiving Miracle.’

Malori Sherwood – Author CA

‘I also always come away from my sessions feeling more positive and energised. Her manner and knowledge instantly puts you at ease.’

Adriana Haniff – Designer UK

‘I was addicted to, and using on a daily basis, tobacco in any form. I had tried sooooo many times to quit with no success. I had my session with Ildiko and LR. The only word that comes to me is Miracle.  Thank you Ildiko for what you have brought to us all.’

Blair Sherwood – California

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‘Have you ever felt as if something in your life is out of harmony but you don’t know why?’ ~ Ildiko