"People say all the time that they know what they’re doing and now I would ask, “do you know, and do you know why you’re making the choices you’re making?” Gloria

What all of our clients have in common is that they have reached a point in their lives where enough is enough. Enough of disappointment, secrecy, anxiety, frustration, feeling undervalued, like a fake, being taken for granted.

Awakening Your Personal Best gives you the solution to empower yourself and create the success in your personal life which matches the success in your business. 

This is our powerful and effective program teaming up Life Retuning and Coaching in a structured system which gives you the benefit of our combined experience and skill as two Experts in our specialist fields of personal empowerment. 

With Life Retuning I bring down the brick walls blocking you, so that with Coaching, you can be taken down the road to achieve your goals

Getting You There and Living What You’ve Learned are both 12 week programs where each week you have 1 session of Coaching with Nancy and 1 session of Life Retuning with Ildiko.

Maintaining Your Success is also a 12 week program but the sessions are bi-monthly.


Getting You There

Level 1

This program is designed to give you an in depth set of progressive sessions during which we will work through the issues that are keeping you from living your life fully. The aim is for you to be able to start creating the same level of success in areas of your life outside of your career or business.

Say goodbye to fear, stress and anxiety.

Kick addictions and cravings.

Remove subconscious blocks to having the life you desire.

Reclaim your right to peace and joy.

Create wonderful and loving personal relationships.

Are you ready for this to be your world? Your journey starts here. Sign up and step up.

Price = $10,000


Living What You’ve Learned

Level 2

Now that you have created the changes you needed to progress your life forward to create it the way you want, you have completed the necessary groundwork. Level 2 is designed to help you to implement all of those changes in a committed and consistent way. Only by doing this will you achieve those incredible, life-changing transformations that you desire so much. During our six weeks together we will concentrate on taking what you’ve learned during Level 1 and solidifying your progress, by helping you to

Create new beliefs and habits by making fully conscious choices.

Ensure that you avoid sliding back to the unconscious way of sabotaging your wellbeing.

Continue and implement the new patterns of successful living which you created during Level 1.

Sign up to deepening your level of contentment and fulfilment.

Price for Level 2  = $10,000

Price for Level 1 + 2 = $18,000


Maintaining Your Success

Level 3

Level 3 is our long term success program. You want to make sure that you live the life you deserve for the rest of your life. That takes a total change in the way you respond to your experiences. We will guide you into a high level of transitioning over to mastering your mind and becoming in tune with your body and emotions. This leads to game-changing, permanent results. You will gain the understanding of how to run your life through your energy system so that you are consistently successful by making the right choices and taking the right actions, naturally and easily.

Build unstoppable, authentic momentum in all areas of your life.

Learn and practice the powerful growth-catalyzing techniques which will ensure you stay where you want to be, for good.

Use your internal resources to create unshakable confidence and great self-care no matter what happens in your external world.

Become the master and designer of your own reality.

Price for Level 3 = $10,000

Price for Levels 1 + 2 + 3 = $25,000

Elements of the Programs:

  • An initial special Current State Reading by Ildiko will give you a deep insight into where you are stuck and what the specific route out is. Based on the Reading, during your 1st Coaching session with Nancy, you will already have the clarity to work with her to start making the changes you need. 

  • Each 1-2-1 session with Nancy and Ildiko is recorded and sent to you after every session.  Clients who are willing to listen to our sessions will often have a breakthrough when they are given the opportunity to listen “newly” to the session we had together.

  • Every session includes a questionnaire before and after session questions from both your Coaching and the Life Retuning sessions.

  • Exercises in-between sessions will help you to break your current patterns and habits for laser focused results.

  • Phone or text support is provided to you as needed and a 15 minute emergency Life Retuning session per month is included per month.

  • To book our first session your retainer fee can be paid online or over the phone.

  • Sessions can begin at any point during the month.


  • All sessions are held via video conference by phone, tablet or computer​.

In order to find out if we are a good fit for each other, please fill in the form below and send it to us. We will then contact you to set up a 3-Way Discovery Call. 

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