I want to make Life Retuning even more accessible to you and so I have teamed up with a group of top Coaches and created unique, powerful, fast-track programs with them. Each program is designed to provide the solution for your specific needs. I will be showcasing each one as they become available. Scroll through and find the program which suits you.

Enrol for one of our programs and:

Find the freedom to leave frustrations and anxiety behind and step into a state of calm and flow.

Gain the positive mindset about abundance that you need in order to be able to access its limitless source.

Become more organised, balanced and clear-headed about your life.

Access your own inner strength and re-gain your faith in your abilities to fulfil your needs.

Master your own journey and move forwards into a positive vision of your future.

Exchange being weighed down by life for the feelings of lightness, joy and loving your life

The Awakening

Your Personal Best


I am excited to share a very powerful program I have designed together with Nancy Mueller who is the Life Empowerment Sensei who uses her own program of Mastering Your Beliefs to help women overcome the self-sabotaging thoughts, emotions and beliefs that effect their everyday choices.


Together we have created a new kind of program which links Life Retuning and Coaching in a powerful and effective way.

The Next Evolution to Awaken Your Personal Best in 2019!

Welcome!  We are offering something you’re not likely to find anywhere else;

2 facilitators with different teaching modalities, working together to help you create success in all areas of your life.

Life Retuning:  created by me, Ildiko Scurr, is my self-empowerment system which uses energetic information to move you out of any mental or emotional blocks preventing you from succeeding in your life.

Mastering Your Beliefs:  created by Life Empowerment Sensei, Nancy Mueller to help people overcome the self-sabotaging thoughts, emotions and beliefs that effect their everyday choices.

Combining these two programs, we’ve created a powerful third program called…
​Awakening Your Personal Best

Watch our videos where we discuss how you can match your net-worth to your self-worth and be highly successful in your business life and your personal life:

Episode 1:

How Do You Perceive Yourself?

Episode 2:

Know Your Energetic Influencer

Episode 3:

Resistance Within Your Relationships

Episode 4:

What is Your Motivation for Success?

Episode 5:

The Impostor Syndrome

Episode 6:

The Price of Stress on Your Body

Episode 7:

When He Doesn't Call

Episode 8:

Eliminating Anxiety

Awakening Your Personal Best for Women

This is our specialised version of our ground-breaking program which addresses your needs as a high achieving woman entrepreneur seeking to also have a great and satisfying personal life. Watch our videos which follow the stories of some of the women we have already worked with:


Awakening Your Personal Best Premium Program

Awakening Your Personal Best is the fast-track program for you if your are a high achiever, super successful in your career, but you do not feel the same level of  success matching the other areas of your life. In fact, if you are feeling:

Unfulfilled in your personal life

Close to burnout and chasing your tail all the time

Frustrated by other people around you

That you are neglecting your health and beginning to feel the effects

Stressed out and on edge

That life should be easier

and you are ready to stop the pain of where you are, then watch the following videos to find out why this program is for you…


The following stories are based on real client cases and the quotes are from real clients, with their knowledge and full permission. Names have been changed to protect their privacy.

Sara’s Story…How This Lonely Perfectionist Transformed Her Private Life

Sara is 37 and runs a very successful couturier business. What nobody saw was the side of Sara at home. She wore a mask to cover the loneliness and disappointment of having no personal life. Discovering our powerful program Awakening Your Personal Best changed everything for her. Designed for high powered women like you who want the same success in your life as in your business. Now you can have that too. Find out how

"An amazing gift! I am excited for the people who will invest  in themselves to get the results this program gives."

Connie’s Story…The CEO Who Carried a Sabotaging Secret

Connie was a successful businesswoman who had a dirty little secret which if ever revealed would make her feel like a fake, going totally against the mission statement of her company. This made her feel extremely miserable and it was affecting every part of her life. By enrolling on the Awakening Your Personal Best Program, she found the answer to dealing with it so that she could enjoy her life. Find out more…

“whatever it is; magic, The Force, God, whatever it is, I can feel energy shifts. I know that it’s this energy about me and people are seeing it and are attracted to it.”

Gloria’s Story…The Sabotaging Secret That Could Have Destroyed Everything

The media portrays celebrities having perfect lives and Gloria knows all too well how fake that can be. But it is not just celebrities who have everything to lose when the truth comes out. Gloria was struggling with a big personal secret. One day she realized it was time to take her power back and stop it from consuming her. She found Awakening Your Personal Best to be the program that did just that. Find out more

"I’ve spent more than $10,000 on multiple cars that got me to a lot of destinations, but none of those took me as far as the destination I’ve reached with this program. It can take you as far as you want to go in your life."

Emily’s Story…How This Relationship Casualty Single Mom Found Her Value

At 18 years old, Emily graduated from high school, got pregnant, gave birth and chose to live at home with her parents to raise her son. Because of her lack of self-worth, 4 years later she was faced with unhappiness, unfulfilment and fear about her future. She lost her son, her partner, her home and was likely to soon lose her job. Her fear of losing her job and living on her own was blinding her to her opportunities. Find out how her whole life was turned around when she discovered our powerful program…

"I now have a deeper understanding of how I mentally hold onto things. I've learned that what I thought I was holding onto emotionally, is actually a limiting belief I created."

Darah’s Story…How This Undervalued Woman Discovered Her Inner Strength

Darah was feeling used and jaded and no longer had the motivation to go into work. She was wasting her life away. This was impacting her personal relationships. It took a great shock to get here motivated to do something about it. She enrolled on the Awakening Your Personal Best program and never looked back. Find out how

"By the time we are ready to ask for help, we have already been dealing with it for too long. This program is like the cliff notes way to work through your issues and challenges and the price is worth every cent to be able to expedite the process."

The Inner Wholeness

Outer Strength



Inner Wholeness Outer Strength Experience

For busy mums who are juggling family and work. Who have no time to take care of themselves the way they deserve.


I have teamed up with a wonderful Life Coach and Yoga Instructor called Dawn Hart to bring you the Inner Wholeness Outer Strength Experience.

Do you recognise this as your life?

  • You feel like you are constantly splitting yourself in 2 as a mum and a business woman.
  • You find yourself swinging between putting your family first or your work first.
  • You have no time for taking care of yourself

You can end up feeling exhausted and alone. Feeling guilty that you are not spending enough time with your kids and frustrated that you are not growing your business fast enough.

We understand your dilemma and so we have created a special programme for you. Our programme is unique, because for the first time, it combines the deeply transformative energy work of Life Retuning and the strengthening movement of Yoga. We provide a safe, nurturing space for you to reconnect back to the true you.

What women are saying about our programme…

'I recommend this programme for others to have a complete system reset.'


'I felt EPIC afterwards...full of strength, but very peaceful...and full of LOVE.

Almost better than sex...(but not quite!)'


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