28th March, 4th and 25th April

at a private retreat in Southbourne, Dorset

Choose either 10-11.30am or 1-2.30pm

(each session is repeated in the afternoon)

For busy mums who are juggling family and work. Who have no time to take care of themselves the way they deserve

‘We are capable of change but what we tend to do is fight against all our learned behaviour.’

We have carefully chosen the tree as our symbol for this transformational programme. The tree combines strength, flexibility and balance. You need all 3 resources both as a mum and a business owner. Our 3 sessions help you to unlock your own treasure chest of internal abundance.

Motherhood creates massive changes in how you live your life. So does running your own business. When you are putting the needs of your family and your business first all the time, it is hard to remember to nourish yourself too. It takes time to learn to listen to what you need and then adapt a change which is kinder to yourself. This programme provides you with the quiet time you need in order to  enable you to make the changes in yourself that you desire. A little window in your busy life to focus on YOU. Balance, Flexibility and Strength are essential to our wellbeing and our ability as women to be able to adapt to multiple and various life situations. Dawn Hart and I have brought together 3 powerful and nurturing sessions where you can give yourself the chance to find your true self again. The one who used to sing, dance, have fun and be able to just be.

Join us for the Inner Wholeness Outer Strength Programme which is a set of 3 x 90 minute experiences designed to fit into your busy schedule.

Choose the time slot that suits your life: either 10am-11.30am or 1pm-2.30pm

28th March – Strength – 10-11.30am or 1-2.30pm

Come and join us in a space where you can rediscover your powerful strength. Movement and energy work combine to help you dig deep into your roots where you can ground yourself.

4th April – Flexibility – 10-11.30am or 1-2.30pm

When you are juggling a busy life, you need to be flexible in your thinking. If your thinking is rigid, so will your movements be. Join us to work both on freeing up your mind and your body.

25th April – Balance – 10-11.30am or 1-2.30pm

Balance is vital to keep you functioning and on track when life throws its curved balls and  unexpected challenges at you. Take time for yourself with us to find that still harmonious place within you where you experience equilibrium. Take this peaceful space into your busy life.

The programme is £250



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