FREE gift Business Burnout Breakthrough Consultation

Hello Biz Goddess,

Thank you so much for enrolling for my special free gift consultation that I am offering just for you as an attendee of the ‘You’re Rocking Your Biz But It’s Burning You Out’ Virtual Happy Hour Series hosted by Tiffany Humfeld. I am so delighted to have you on board for this powerful session which I know is going to reveal some deep insights into how you can turn overloaded into overjoyed, which is the aim of this Virtual Happy Hour Series.

I am an Expert in the energy field which holds hidden information about why you are not able to get to where you want to. It all comes down to the mental fortresses your mind has constructed over the years to keep you safe. However, many of those barriers are now the ones you are pushing to get through and they have become redundant. Life Retuning is able to identify with total accuracy where those barriers are, even if you are consciously unaware of them. In this Business Burnout Breakthrough Consultation, we are going to start your journey into personal and business empowerment through the hidden information I am going to reveal to you in an in depth reading. This reading will include:

Identifying the 3 top beliefs that are likely to push you into or keeping you in Burnout.

Revealing the No.1 emotional state that is stopping you from manifesting peace and joy….it might not be what you think!

Finding out which of your 13 chakras need to be unlocked in order to release your power and potential. Setting your personal Chakra Colour Schedule.

Taking you through a series of potent Daily Energy Exercises which will help you to transform negative low energy into magnetic high vibes.

Appointment slots are open until 30th November so…

all you need to do now is book your appointment with me by going to my online diary…

and let’s get started!  See you soon.

Here’s to your exceptional potential