Avoid Burnout With My Special Program

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Avoid Burnout With My Special Program

Are you a Coach, Psychologist, Counsellor, Therapist, Healer or Health Practitioner?

How are you doing? Are you starting to feel worn around the edges? Just because your calling is to help others, it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your own wellbeing. You need taking care of because you are a very special person. You spend your time serving others and we need you!

I want to help you to heal more people, because you are needed so badly on this planet. So many people are scared, confused, disillusioned, distressed and stuck in their lives. I know that you have such an urge to get them feeling better. But if you are worn out, drained or overloaded, you can’t serve those people as well as you want to. If your energy isn’t right, you won’t be attracting in the clients who need you. Frankly, that is no good for them or for you.

Be honest, do you…

Skip meals to accommodate your clients?

Sacrifice your family time by allowing your work to cut in?

Carry your clients’ problems home with you?

Stick it out and cope against all odds when you feel overloaded?

Feel disillusioned and demotivated?

If you recognise these behaviours, you are likely to be heading for Burnout. That is a really bad place to end up and even worse to recover from. You could potentially not be able to work for a long time. The great news is that I have put together a special rescue program just for you, using the powerful system of Life Retuning, to get you back on track, calm, centred and avoiding Burnout. Let me help you to feel…

Less strung out


More fulfilled

More successful

In demand

My Avoid Burnout & Overload Premium Program is a set of 4 powerful Life Retuning sessions designed especially for you. We will work on reducing your feelings of worry, lack of energy, cravings and frustration. We will also locate and clear any self-limiting beliefs that are preventing you from establishing a good work/life balance and the ability to say ‘no’. Life Retuning is the most effortless and easiest way of achieving huge transformations. It is based on energy and side-steps the mind, meaning that you don’t get bogged down in the usual barriers that the mind puts up to change, even if it is beneficial.  If you are ready to do what it takes to avoid Burnout and overload, sign up for my program. Book your 4 sessions now…


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