Are You Protecting Your Ultimate Resource?

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Did you know that you have an Ultimate Resource which is so powerful, it is capable of changing everything in your life to be the way you want it? But how often do you use it and are you protecting it?

We’ve all done it, haven’t we?

  • Allowed someone who is only interested in their own problems to come in, drain us dry, leave us miserable, exhausted and feeling hopeless about everything in our own life.


  • How often have you listened to a horrible, traumatic story and wondered whether the world has any future at all? Leaving you feeling scared and wondering if their is any point in doing anything anymore, as you are sure to be attacked.


  • How many times have you started a conversation with someone and ended up in an argument? Making you feel incredibly angry, insulted and unable to focus on anything good for hours, days, months and even years.


  • Have you ever been excited about an opportunity, a dream, a goal and when you have shared your happy anticipation with someone, they have smothered you with their negativity and apathy and trampled your joy into the dust?

How have you dealt with the open doorway of upsetting and unsettling experiences? It can take a long time to recover from other people’s influence, their drama, their unconscious reactive behaviour. It can mean that you live a small life, full of regrets, because you cannot tap in to your own personal power…You are powerless.


The reason you have suffered is because you didn’t use or protect your Ultimate Resource. The reason you didn’t, is because no one taught you how to.

In fact, up until recently, only a few people on our planet knew about the Ultimate Resource and they weren’t very keen on sharing their knowledge at all. They did not want you to know how valuable it is and they were happier if you wasted it without knowing that that’s what you were doing. This meant that they could have everything their way with ease, as denying you the information is the best control of all.


However, our planet is changing in a fundamental way. The levels of our consciousness are rising; we are stepping into the next stage of evolution. You see it in the news, the weather patterns, in society and in the unrest and unease in everyone in general. Change is uncomfortable and big changes are extremely uncomfortable. But there are unseen underlying shifts happening which you may not be aware of. Those who knew and used the Ultimate Resource are no longer able to keep it to themselves. The knowledge is getting out and there is no stopping it. They know why it is vital to protect your Ultimate Resource and that it affects our planet and everyone on it. They know how powerful you really are when you are using it.


So what is your Ultimate Resource?

We have many resources to draw on which raise the quality of our lives. Money is a resource which leads to financial freedom, meaning you can work less and relax more. Love is a miraculous resource which creates closeness, support, passion and tenderness. Food is a vital resource, without it we die, good food promotes good health. Good health is also a resource, without which we struggle and can have great difficulty in our lives. The air we breathe is also a vital resource, without it we could not live in the first place. But there is one Ultimate Resource which contains all other resources and without which, no other resource would exist.


In fact, it is more accurate to call it your Ultimate Re-Source. It is a limitless supply of universal power. It comes from Source. It is your own personal energy. An incredibly powerful force, a boundless, vibrant, life-affirming ocean that you have access to constantly. When you access it and channel it into your life, you are not affected by others, left drained, miserable or stuck anymore. Instead you can use it to upgrade your life, become calm, capable, loving and peaceful and attract all that you need, with ease.


As a Master of Energy, I have been working with Metaphysics and the Laws of Energy for many years. Using my knowledge, I have been giving people access to their Ultimate Re-Source for a long time and I want to give you the same opportunity. I am running a one day Life Retuning Foundation Course on 26th February, where I will be teaching you the Anatomy of Energy which is the foundation of your Ultimate Re-Source. I will also be teaching you how to harness it to create endless flow into your life.

The people I mentor into this new way of living, can confirm the miraculous changes which occur as soon as they connect the power line into their Ultimate Re-Source.

“To live my life no longer from the mind’s point of view and within the flow of the current of energy is to see with new eyes all that was once dull. It is to walk through life with great awareness and interest in all that is for me to do and be.  It is never still but exists in stillness.  It is always changing and adjusting me, but always into love.

I have learned this creed and live it to my fullest, for it is who we all are, and Ildiko has been a light to shine the way for me.”

Malori Sherwood USA


“I have been working with Ildiko for quite sometime. I find our sessions invaluable. Life retuning enables me to focus on what I wish to achieve within my business and personal life and flush out all the stuff that is holding me back. I believe life returning truly helps me fulfil my full potential. I am always a happier more contented person after a session.”

From Bournemouth based mother, wife and business professional.


“When Life Retuning was recommended to me, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect because it sounded very ‘out-there’. I had no previous experience of distance healing or energy work but I knew I needed help and had explored so many other options already. So, I booked my sessions and approached it with an open mind. After my first session I felt I had been totally and instantly healed. I felt light and joyful, it was a remarkable experience. To describe the work Ildiko does is difficult to articulate sufficiently but the results have been very clear. I had made significant progress in my healing process and I felt the results immediately each time. It’s really really remarkable and, if it calls to you, I thoroughly recommend it.”

Keith Abraham UK


“Ildiko’s Life Retuning course has empowered me to work with my emotions and beliefs in a quick and effective manner. This has helped me to not only feel better for more of the time but also to be able to follow my dreams without fear.”

Ryan Sherman – Life Retuning Practitioner Australia


“LR is a very unique- yet a simple way of using the universal energies to heal your own life as well as family and friends. I use LR as a work tool too in my therapies. I’m always amazed by the healing strength I find using the technique.”

Lis Horwich – Life Retuning Practitioner UK


“Working with Ildiko is a delight and a fascinating journey into the wonder of the energy field. I am currently working on fully developing my ‘business’ self, and Ildiko’s work has shifted me into this state of thinking. I now BELIEVE I am a professional author with a job to do.”

Diane UK


If your Ultimate Re-Source is locked up and you don’t know how to access it, I want to set you on the same path as the people I have worked with, so that you can connect in your own power line and miraculously transform your life. The Life Retuning Foundation Course is an incredible chance to do just that.


But I know what is likely to be happening with you right now. You are sitting there with a little spark buzzing in you as all the possibilities and excitement ring through your body…and what is your mind telling you? It would be great but,…not right now, for x,y,z reasons.


So here is what I want you to do. Quieten your mind with a powerful little technique of mine. Say to your mind:

‘Mind I now give you permission to switch off’   Your mind is most likely to obey.


Now sit and feel into the energy of this course and if it resonates with you, if you feel drawn towards it then book for it. Your mind will try to block you, but it does not understand energy and flow. If you believe it and allow it to have the last word, you will miss out on what is meant for you.


Life Retuning Foundation 1 day Course – 26th February 2017


Life Retuning Foundation 1 Day Course – 19th March 2017

So I truly look forward to working with you to unlock your exceptional potential and access your Ultimate Re-Source


Here’s to YOUR exceptional potential



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