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Hello, my name is Ildiko Scurr and I am the Founder of Life Retuning, a self-empowerment system where Quantum Physics meets ancient Metaphysics in a process which uses energetic information to remove pessimistic self-talk, self-sabotaging behaviour and distressing and crippling emotions.

There is a big shift in consciousness happening across our planet. We feel it in our bones. We are becoming more and more dissatisfied with what we see, hear and feel both in the outside world and our own lives.

On this website you will find powerful testimonials, extraordinary stories of healing, inspirational information and a portfolio of special programmes to address your needs. Read more..

If what I do resonates with you, contact me now for a no obligation consultation.

  • Thank you for sharing you’re cosmic knowledge and love, you have graced me with the blessing of inner peace and realignment to my higher self. You have educated me about energy, thoughts and the universe as a whole – for that I am highly appreciative as such knowledge and light as allowed me to share this with others. Your work is phenomenal and effective in every session of re-tuning. I truly admire the quantum wizardry you have mastered.

    L. Neugebauer Perth, Australia
  • Working with Ildiko is a delight and a privilege as she shares with you her understanding of ENERGY which is indeed wizardly magical!

    Brooke Robertson USA
  • Working with Ildiko Scurr has been a trinity of mental, spiritual, and emotional rebirth and growth. Her wings are of true strength. But most importantly she will show you that your wings are strong and will support you on your own flight, journey, adventure.

    Sydney Kendall Ohio, USA
  • You were able to bring up painful issues that I had carried forward from a past life and give healing and release to this energy and much more.

    Janet Lawson
  • Ildiko is a leader in her field and it is so nice to meet someone who is clearly passionate in what she does.

    Julie-Ann Harris Partner of Family Law UK

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